Construction Industry Innovator
RIB creates, develops and offers iTWO - the world’s first Cloud-based Big Data 5D BIM enterprise solution for construction industry, which integrates 5D virtual construction into physical construction from end to end. With the idea of running together, RIB brands construction industry to be the most advanced and digitalized industry in 21st century to build the next generation of living standard.
International Clients
RIB is serving 100,000 international clients including construction contractors, developers, owners, government departments, and investors in the field of building construction, infrastructure, and EPC sector, etc.
We are running together with international business partners within different areas of expertise in their journey of becoming a 5D technology pioneer in the construction sector today and tomorrow.
Global Team
With a strong focus on innovation and future orientation, 700 talents are serving in over 30 RIB offices around the world. Experienced experts and young professionals from different cultures and backgrounds collaborate closely to provide innovative thinking and professional services in a global prospect.
RIB has a strong R&D team of over 200 experts across Germany, China, USA and Australia, which enables sustainable product investment and enhancements, keeping our clients at the forefront of engineering, infrastructure and construction technology.