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With a dynamic network of expertise and pioneers in over 30 offices around the world, RIB prepares you with global vision and a collaborative working environment where you can reveal your talent on the journey of innovation.
Intentional, if only one word to describe my experiences with RIB. English is a must, of course, as a German company in China embraced by multiple cultures. But what’s impressed me the most is RIB’s desire to develop employees into real international elites. After working with project leaders from different countries, it just becomes so natural for me to bring the advantages and experiences from any projects to any project. Our voices are heard and make difference in this industry. As a witness of the construction technology revolution, I feel so honored and lucky to work with iTWO, this new technology and new thinking. It makes us look brilliant, and BECOME BRILLIANT.
Wing Liang
The iTWO Course brought me the opportunity of discovering the new world of the most advanced technology for the construction industry. Nowadays I am very excited to say I am a PM "running together" in the RIB team, working in the world's first Big Data BIM 5D enterprise solution and doing my best to take it to the highest level.
Maria Jose Romero Moruno
I’ve been in love with engineering since I was a student. It can open and structure my mind to find different approaches on challenges. RIB in fact opens another world for me. I can make engineering more productive and make my ideas alive. It is a company with over 50 years of history, but it possesses a strong startup spirit for innovation. We can always brainstorm for exciting technology and business innovation, and every staff can share their own ideas directly with the management.
Mamadou Ly