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Design CAD / BIM
Bidding / Tendering
Sub - contracting
Project Management
Controlling / Finance
Integrating virtual construction process into the physical process, iTWO realizes 5D simulation of the whole project process prior to physical construction, which enables  validation of design process, early identification and resolution to variation, schedule and budget optimization, and real-time project control to ensure project built as planned. iTWO effectively shifts the risk of change order from physical construction process and helps cost saving especially for big and complex projects.
5D BIM  Digital Construction
Connecting 3D Design to Time and Cost in Project Lifecycle Management
iTWO connects 3D model with project time (4th D) and cost (5th D) and brings project management into the brand new 5D environment.iTWO extends the application of BIM technology to the entire spectrum of the construction process including project planning, execution and operation. It is able to import and integrate multi-disciplinary 3D BIM models and take the whole construction process forward to a faster and visualized 5D end-to-end approach.
Instead of using numerous separate software tools across multiple project teams in the traditional process, iTWO integrates project lifecycle management into one centralized system and empowers real-time cross-department communication. Data among all stakeholders around the world is synchronized and updated within iTWO for efficient decision-making and execution out of one single source of truth. This visualized and collaborative platform actually eliminates info-silo, avoids miscommunication, and guarantees the consistency and transparency of information through entire project process.
iTWO allows you to manage your projects anytime anywhere with popular smart devices. Executives can get instant access to reports, dashboards, and targeted analysis that are simultaneously updated on mobile from the field. Timely feedback is updated and accessible by all project shareholders. Decision making becomes more effective and fact-based. Delays in traditional month-end or year-end reporting are eliminated.
With the most advanced Big Data technology, iTWO is effectively able to store, deliver, analyze, and conclude all the project data on one or multiple projects into a dedicated Master knowledge base. Information can be reused and experience can be stored and copied to new projects of similar type to enhance management efficiency, mitigate risk and maximize the cost-effectiveness.
iTWO 5D Solutions
User-Centered Functionalities
iTWO enables the full management of 5D construction process (including estimating, scheduling, e-bidding, contract management, onsite management, finance, invoice control, etc.) and further capabilities for project lifecycle management. iTWO also provides open interfaces and further-developed functions tailored to your business.
One-Stop Consulting
The Center of Excellence team provides professional consulting to advise and assist with the one-stop hardware and software configuration as well as project implementation, which can quickly equip you to start the iTWO 5D journey.
Integration with BIM and ERP
iTWO 5D platform has standard built-in connections with BIM design software (Tekla / AutoCAD / Revit / ArchiCAD / Civil 3D / Allplan / MagiCAD / Bentley) and ERP and Project Management software (SAP / Primavera / MS Project). Various connections can be developed to suit your needs.
Build-Your-Team Training
You can develop your own iTWO certified team through 4-week training (2-week lab training and 2-week pilot project onsite training) under expert guidance. iTWO eLearning is also accessible for flexible online learning.
Full 5D Function
No. of License
Price*1 per License
Total License Price
Implementation Consulting Man-days Required*2
Consulting Cost per Man-day*3
Total Consulting Price
Total Package Price*4
Annual Maintenance Cost*5
Discount Opportunity for Technology Partners*6
Standard BIM Connector
Standard ERP Connector
Standard Project Mgmt. Software Connector
Advisory for Setup Client iTWO Team and 5D Lab
eLearning Platform
Workflow Optimization Advisory
Customized Connectors with BIM, ERP, and PM
Standard Configuration and Reports
Custom Configuration and Reports
*1 Price may vary in some regions           *2 Including 50 man-days of lab training           *3 The consulting fee may vary in some regions           *4 Exclusive of tax           *5 Based on total license price
*6 Technology Partners means companies who want to join the iTWO Community and ready to transform their organizations, and further transform the construction business from traditional to advanced
Additional Premium Services
BIM Services
Find support to get the most out of BIM
Management Consulting
Get professional advisory for your best-fit management
Workshop Facilitation
Gain information and skills in the most advanced workshop
Custom Training
Design learning sessions to meet your needs
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