iTWOcx is a cloud-based project collaboration management platform that collects and manages all project data across the lifecycle. It supports task management, document management, workflow management, authority management for construction projects, and configurable features to improve your implementation efficiency. The integration between iTWO and iTWOcx enables the fluent data delivery and management throughout the construction process.
Timely Cross-Department Communication
The cloud collaboration platform enables timely progress update and document sharing between supplier and engineer, onsite team and management. Data is synchronized and accessible among all stakeholders anytime anywhere in order to reduce workload as well as to avoid unnecessary work and rework.
Efficient Task & Schedule Management
To-do lists and all correspondences can be seamlessly organized and prioritized with email-based notification with alerts to ensure on-time delivery. All history is recorded for each document and available as complete records.
Lean and Transparent Workflow
Documents and tasks are delivered and managed under one single platform on cloud. Information and task performance through the construction process is transparent, traceable and controllable, which can eliminate risk from the early stage.
Dynamic Project Management
The interface of iTWOcx can be configurable for users to get the latest news of the top priorities at a glance. Updates of task and schedule can be automatically shown and any change orders can be immediately synchronized to the corresponding departments for rapid reaction and execution.
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