iTWO Finance improves construction project on the financial accounting, cost accounting and fixed asset accounting, together with the related financial-focused construction-specific adjustments. It is a solution for finance that is based on the standard software Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, as well as a solution for payroll.
The typical process of construction project accounting covers an integrated deposit account with the payment schedule, the presentation of planned and incurred payments, as well as the dissolution and changes in final accounts.
Project Evaluation & Risk Management
The separated views by withholding, deductions and other process-oriented bookings on receivables and liabilities in different periods allow quick navigation for all the information, and represent a valuable accounting aid. The examination for the presence of exemption certificates makes it possible to derive corresponding posting logic. Thus, the upstream process of providing the certificates in Financial Accounting can continue automatically.
Company-Wide Cost Control
Except direct costs, the cost statement shows also the internal activity settlements and allocations. Both construction results, cash flow considerations at the project level, and controlling at the company level can be managed at the same time.
Effective Investment Management
All purchases, depreciations, write-ups, write-downs and the sale of fixed assets in your investment can be well managed in iTWO Finance. The use of different depreciation books for different depreciation methods allows both depreciations in accordance with HGB (German commercial code) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).
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