iTWO PCI is the world’s first IT-based insurance to offer cost certainty and efficient risk management specialized in construction for our iTWO Technology Partners.
It combines core competences of both iTWO 5D BIM end-to-end Technology and insurance expertise of Munich Re, the global leading reinsurance company headquartered in Munich, Germany.
It forms a double safeguard that iTWO takes out the risk of cost overrun and brings in transparency and documentation through the integration of virtual and physical while the insurance covers the remaining risks on any type of cost.
Full-Lifecycle Risk-Free Construction Project
Integrating virtual into the physical process, iTWO technology provides accurate analysis and estimation for your best-fit project solution and minimizes the risk of an unplanned increase in construction cost and time through timely controlling during the life cycle of a construction project. Together with the insurance solution covering the remaining risk, this exceptional combination forms iTWO PCI a shelter for cost and time certainty.
Full Protection for Construction Project Cost
iTWO PCI provides a secure roof for all parties in the insured projects to identify and eliminate risks in respect of processes, interfaces, time and costs. It covers the unplanned construction costs for planning deviation, iTWO 5D Technology related omission or miscalculation, force majeure claims, and difficulties of main contractor in excess of the bond and liquidated damages.
Transparent and Cost-Manageable Project Management
iTWO PCI optimizes the construction process with all information opened to stakeholders. Cross-sector decision and execution are operated on one single platform, which enhances the transparency and collaboration of construction project management. The real-time controlling on physical construction avoids the extra expense of schedule delay and assures the high quantity for better benchmark values of your project.
Guaranteed Construction Project Financing
iTWO PCI prepares you reliable finance proposal with precise planning, adequate tender calculation, and cost insurance to facilitate professional financing for your construction business. The best part of iTWO PCI is the improved financial transparency which makes your project more profitable.
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