Project Management and Project Assistance
We work closely with our clients as integrated team members to analyze company needs and determine implementation requirements. We can then develop a rollout plan and build company-specific implementations of our products.
We provide you:
IT Infrastructure
iTWO – set up an Integrated 5D End-to-End Project Management platform, which integrates BIM models, project management and ERP into one system
Project Data Library
Setting up your company project library contains all your ongoing and historical project data, which can be analyzed and reused for your next new project
Professional Assistance
Experienced RIB professionals from around the world to guide and maximize the value of your project by utilizing iTWO technology
Integrated Working Method
All project stakeholders working together in a dynamically connected environment with real time project data access through the project life cycle
Installation & Implementation
In addition to our easy-to-follow install guideline, we can also provide professional expertise to advise and assist on set-up and configuration for large network installations within your organization.
Our experience of implementation ranges from small-and-medium-sized companies to large global corporations. We work closely with our clients and develop an implementation strategy to ensure all targets are met.
We also provide custom reporting as well as profiling the functionality consistent with user roles to tailor the system based on clients' specific requirements.