iTWO Lab Training
Comprehensive Hands-on Training in iTWO 5D Lab to Quickly Adopt iTWO Skills
We have COE expert teams to offer users a comprehensive training on iTWO. The training will provide hands-on experiences and a clear understanding on the working method and every function of iTWO, which effectively supports you to build your own iTWO COE team to proficiently utilize iTWO technology in your projects.
Two Weeks of Standard Training Program to Quickly Adopt iTWO Skills
We offer a comprehensive training for users to quickly adopt iTWO skills. The first phase of training will focus on demonstration, group study and cross-group study, and the second phase will focus on skill testing and reinforcement.
Building Your Own Lab Team with the Support of iTWO Experts
The COE training team is compiled by project team leaders, BIM experts, cost management experts, construction experts, scheduling experts, IT/ERP experts and controlling experts who will provide professional training and support to build your own strong COE team.
5D Lab Training Environment to Acquire Collaborative Working Method
In the first phase of the training, participants will be divided into different groups to receive specific training in their profession. They will also experience a session of the whole integrated working process of iTWO. Training under the environment of iTWO 5D Lab will ultimately facilitate the collaborative working method for the project.
Reinforcement and Assessment Tests to Ensure Training Outcome
Following the first phase of training and two weeks of real case practices, you will undertake the second phase of training to review and reinforce your knowledge, promote your skills, and to be tested and certified. We make sure you fully comprehend the technology to make the best outcome.
iTWO eLearning
Get iTWO Certificate in 20 Hours
Self-Paced Online Training Platform
iTWO eLearning is an Internet Based Training (IBT) platform for iTWO community to learn about iTWO technology. With the intention of fulfilling the training needs for critical iTWO functions and industry practices step by step, it assembles all the up-to-date knowledge and delivers online lessons that are self-paced and easy-to-follow.
Gain Skills for Construction Project Lifecycle Management
The learning content based on iTWO integrated process is divided into different workstations, which consists different chapters for each. It covers the entire construction process from BIM Design, Estimation to Project Management. It enriches you a process-driven learning experience of iTWO by video demonstration and reinforces your knowledge through simulation intensive training for each chapter, followed by a test to evaluate your grasp of knowledge and skills required.
Get Certified with Most Flexibility
iTWO eLearning organizes a prominently flexible learning environment. It’s 24/7 available and you are free to start your journey on a laptop in the office and continue with a smart phone at the cafe. All the learning content is reviewable to improve your proficiency till you get iTWO certificate.
Quick and Efficient adoption of iTWO
iTWO eLearning makes it easier and faster for new users to adopt iTWO technology, which significantly increases your productivity. It also creates a scalable and cost-effective learning management system for you to measure the effectiveness of training initiatives.
To start your journey of iTWO eLearning, take your first step at