iTWO 4.0
World’s 1st Cloud-Based 5D BIM Enterprise Solution
The building industry today is growing into a complex business. Enterprises are embracing frontier technologies to make the full use of BIM data across the full lifecycle to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and drive profitability. The integrated iTWO 4.0 solution empowers enterprises to move one step ahead to changes by providing high predictability and interoperatability of 5D BIM on cloud.
Explore the Disruptive Internet-of-Things Technology
End-to-End Integration on Cloud
Real-time Enterprise-wide Collaboration
Digitalized Supply Chain Management
Smart Production
Big Data Smart Analytics
iTWO 4.0 –
Technology for the Next Generation
iTWO 4.0 is designed for the desire of cloud-based 5D BIM enterprise-wide integration, smart production and supply chain management, along with energy-efficient technologies. It is believed to be the frontier technology to create a high-quality living environment and to refresh the work paradigm for the Construction 4.0.
From Desktop to Everywhere
Flexibility becomes the key of running comprehensive business. Our cloud technology empowers the organization to stay agile in terms of workplace, equipment, time, cost, and the growing scale.
Internet of Things
Internet of Thinks
The connected machines get people and business much closer. The collision of ideas from different disciplines and cultures sparks new thinking and explores infinite possibilities.